Chris Ryan MFH Scarteen. Photo © Catherine Power


Below you will find some useful links for associations, shows, publications, registered hunts, racing, film and video and photographers affiliated with the IMFHA and hunting in general. Please click on the names/titles below to visit their websites.


The Hunting Association of Ireland

Supporting Hunting with Hounds on the Island of Ireland

IFA Countryside

An organisation dedicated to being an effective voice of Rural Ireland, providing better information, services, support along with unbeatable offers to everybody who resides, works or simply wants to enjoy the many delights on offer in Rural Ireland.

The Irish Masters of Beagles Association

The Aims and Objectives of the Irish Masters of Beagles Association are to:
a. To foster and promote Beagling in Ireland
b. To encourage the breeding of the pure bred hunting beagle in Ireland.
c. To co-operate with the other codes of Field Sports in the interests of all Field Sports.

Masters of Foxhounds Assocation

The British Masters of Foxhounds Association

Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles UK

The Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB) represent 22 packs of Harriers and 62 packs of Beagles that hunt in the UK and 4 packs of beagles that hunt overseas.

Masters of Foxhounds Association of America

The Masters of Foxhounds Association of America the governing body of organized fox, coyote and drag hunting in the United States of America and Canada

Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management

The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management (VAWM) has been formed to enable veterinary surgeons collectively to contribute to debates about wildlife management, and to educate and inform others who are interested in the subject, including policy makers.

F.A.C.E. Europe

7 million hunters for conservation in Europe. Founded in September 1977, FACE is a non-profit-making, non-governmental, international association with its Headquarters in Brussels (Belgium). Through its 35 members, the national hunters' associations of the Member States of the European Union and other Council of Europe countries, FACE represents the interests of some 7 million European hunters.

Société de Vènerie - France

Pour la défense et l'encouragement de la chasse.

Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance promotes the interests of rural people, including all field sports (hunting, shooting, fishing, falconry, ferreting, coursing, stalking etc), sensible wildlife management, and wider countryside concerns such as jobs, landscapes and freedoms. It represents these interests in the media, in Parliament, in schools and throughout the UK.

The Ward Union Staghounds

Founded in 1854


The Dublin Horse Show

The famous horse show taking place in Dublin each August.

The Peterborough Festival of Hunting

Takes place in July at the East of England showgrounds.

Showjumping Ireland

Showjumping Ireland is The National Governing Body for the Sport of Showjumping in Ireland.


Turf Club

The Turf Club (and INHSC) is the Regulatory Body for horseracing in Ireland. Founded in 1790 The Turf Club incorporates the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Committee (INHSC) and is thus responsible for both flat and national hunt racing in Ireland. Through the INHSC the Turf Club is also responsible for Point to Point racing. Like the IMFHA, since its foundation it has always been an All Ireland body.

Irish Point-to-Points

A comprehensive web site covering all aspects of point-to-pointing in Ireland.


Club House Hotel

The Club House Hotel, an inn since the 1790s owes its name to the fact that for almost a century it was the headquarters of the Kilkenny Hunt Club, whose explioits in the pursuit of foxes were rivalled only by the boisteriousness of their evening dinners in the hotel. Simon Morris, who was manager in the hotel, in the 1860's, recalled one evening during which John Courtnay of Ballyellis, Co. Cork rode his horse up the stairs and jumped over a screen in the dining room.


Catherine Power Photos

Noel Mullins - Author & Photojournalist

David Ryan Images

Film & Video

Big Dog Fox

Videos of Irish Hunts

The Last Hunt

The Last Hunt is a seventy-five minute documentary film about the Ryan family of Ireland. Focused around the fascinating figure of Thaddeus F. Ryan, who for forty years acted as Master of the legendary and world renown Scarteen Hunt.



Lady of the Chase. The Life and Hunting Diaries of Daphne Moore by Alastair Jackson.

The previously undiscovered hunting diaries of doyenne of the hounds’ world Daphne Moore have now come to light. Edited and illustrated in this new book, author Alastair Jackson uses them to open up a whole world of hunting and its characters from the 1930s and 80s.

Available from September 2018 from Brian McDonagh at €30 each, plus €5 post & packaging. To reserve your copy/ies please send your address and cheque (payable to ‘Brian McDonagh’) to: Brian McDonagh, 16 Melbourne Business Park, Model Farm Road, Cork. Email:


Memoirs of a Foxhunting Photographer by Catherine Power

A collection of hunting photographs from the lens of Irish Field photographer Catherine Power was launched on the 26th of November. Running to 200 pages and covering well over twenty packs ranging from Scarteen, Duhallow, The Blazers all the way to the Ward Union it takes readers on a pictorial hunting tour.

For further information and to order a copy please call Catherine on 086 2749540 or email


Noel Mullins - Author & Photojournalist

Noel Mullins' books: The Irish Hunter - The Origins of Irish Horse Fairs & Horse Sales - Hunt Tales & Talk - are all available for puchase at

Stanislaus Lynch

Stanislaus Lynch, who passed away in the 1980's, was the best known Irish writer of the Chase and received many Literary Awards. His books are in collections in many parts of the hunting world and some are still available.
He wrote six books:
Rhymes of an Irish Huntsman - Echoes of the Irish Hunting Horn - Hoof-prints on Parchment - From Foal to Tally-Ho - Hounds are Running - A Hunting-Man's Rambles.


Irish Field

The Irish Field Directory lists hunts in Ireland and weekly paper covers hunting related activities.

The Farmers' Journal

The voice of the Irish farming industry. Covers hunting matters extensively during the year.

Horse & Hound

Equestrian magazine with on-line hunting news.

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